The Lady Hunter: Women Have Plenty Of Options For Gear

9 percent of hunters are women, which, according to my trusty calculator, translates to 1.25 million hunters who have guns that may or may not fit them properly. Some women get by quite nicely with about any shotgun, and my wife, Phyllis, is one of them. Well, almost, anyhow. She can handle the dimensions of most factory stocks, but like most women, her upper-body strength is not as great as a typical man’s, so some guns are too heavy.


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Many Great Reasons To Hunt In This Underrated Safari Destination

As a hunting destination, Uganda isn’t nearly as well-known as other African countries. But it was a prime destination for W.M.D. Bell, Theodore Roosevelt, and dozens of other early hunters who pioneered hunting in Uganda’s spectacular wilds. Easier-to-reach Kenya and Tanzania overshadowed Uganda until the early 1960s when this landlocked country began catching on as a safari destination. Alas, within a decade, political strife drove out the nascent hunting industry. Today, things are again looking up.

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Another View About Elk Hunting

I wounded an elk this past year. I prepared hunting gear, such my best hunting boots and took what should have been a good shot and dubbed it, much like hitting a bad drive off a golf tee. Except this wasn’t an out of bounds, it was a real animal, and I hit him in a place too high and too far back for a quick recovery. I was sick.

Have you had this feeling? I hope you never do. I shot the bull elk in the evening, and by dark, we hadn’t found him. I went to bed without eating because I wasn’t hungry, and I slept only fitfully, waking often, thinking there was something I needed to do. There was. I needed to find that elk. In the morning five of us searched for the bull, looking for a sign, walking quadrants, checking low areas, poking in thick brush, going from water to water, walking interminably.

elk hunting

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