You Can Walk Away From Heel Pain And Bunions

Besides choosing the best shoes for plantar fasciitis, great news for those who suffer from heel spur pain. A new technique called endoscopic plantar fasciotomy can bring quick relief – and many people return to work in only a matter of days.

Heel spur pain is treated in stages. First doctors reduce the inflammation of the tendon. Then they reduce the pressure on the heels with the use of specially molded arch supports.

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If discomfort persists, endoscopic plantar fasciotomy is performed painlessly under local anesthetic.
With this technique, a small opening is made on either side of the heel. A microscopic camera is inserted into one opening, small tools are manipulated into the other.

While looking at a T.V. monitor, they make a tiny cut in the tight tendon. This allows it to lengthen and relieve tension on the spur. The patients can walk immediately and in most cases only need Tylenol or Aspirin afterward.
They also treat bunions, hammertoes and corns through very small openings in the skin. This reduces soft tissue work and allows people to return to their jobs and normal activities quickly. They use the laser for ingrown nails and warts.

Foot Care Can Grow with ‘Spa Experience’

Today among the common foot conditions are sweaty feet/foot odor (25%), nail problems (19%), pain in the ball of the foot (15%), heel pain (14%), and pain from shoes (12%). The survey also found that men experience slightly more cases of tendinitis and nail problems while women suffer from more general types of foot pain, such as pain in the balls of the feet, heel pain and pain from shoes. Only 35% said they place more importance on comfort rather than style or fashion when shopping for shoes.

The number of people experiencing foot problems is not surprising. People spend so much of their lives on their feet, yet rarely take the time to properly care for them. The important thing to remember is foot pain is not normal and anyone experiencing foot pain should visit a podiatrist immediately.

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Advice for Foot Care of Your Feet

That’s sound advice, yet relatively few sufferers follow it, despite the fact that nearly one in five admit that foot pain has prevented or inhibited them from their daily routines.

Nearly 34% of those with a foot ailment said they did nothing about their foot problem and simply lived with the pain. Only 21% visited a podiatrist for diagnosis and treatment to ease the pain. Nearly half–49%–of those who experienced a foot ailment treated a problem with an O-T-C product.

In general, consumers are paying more attention to their feet due to the current popularity of sandals and pedicures, she says.

In addition, many consumers prefer products that contain natural ingredients or offer a “spa experience.” Pedicures have become popular with women, and this has led to a heightened awareness of any discolored toenails or dry, cracked heels, which need to be addressed with front-end foot grooming products. With men, this summer’s hot weather has caused them to seek out the foot care aisle in search of products that promise decent-looking toe-nails and more attractive bare feet.

Buck also says that consumers are now confident that they will find products for foot-related problems and are willing to pay a bit more for those that are the most effective.

Foot care marketers face challenges in capturing the long-term loyalty of consumers. The category, for one thing, has become increasingly competitive with the entree of companies offering niche products. Other challenges faced by the industry are related to branding. Many manufacturers are innovating their product lines to set themselves apart.

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